Culottes have now becomed my favourite type of pants to wear.
Ask me 2 years ago, and i'd have thought - NO WAY. My 158cm/5'2 shortie of a body will never look good in culottes.

But, the trend seemed to be staying. After traveling to Scandinavia and seeing the way Scandinavians wear culottes so effortlessly and how chic they looked (mostly because they are tall and just gorgeous), and then watching all the youtube gurus and try-on hauls with culottes in them, I caved and bought my first pair for ASOS.

This dusty purple colour was also a colour I somehow gravitated to. I had this idea of trying to mash up both korean street style and the scandinavian minimal style in my head. Not sure if I ever did that, but when my swishy flowy culottes arrived, I was stoked. It looked so flattering on, and since it cut off slightly above my ankles, it doesn't make me look shorter than I already am, which is always a plus!

Even though I really enjoy wearing them, I only have 2 pairs (one other pair in nude) and have since refrain from buying too many partly because a small voice at the back of my head keeps reminding me that not all culottes look flattering and short people shouldn't wear culottes, and my lack of curves coupled with the baggy/flowy culottes is gonna make me look like one huge rectangle.
Sometimes I wish I can shut that voice up. But as of now, it's helping me keep my bank balance, so it shall stay.

Another surprising current fashion favourite of mine are shift dresses.
Again, ask me 2 years ago and i'd say "NO WAY JOSÉ!" I was always conscious about baggy clothes, and looking like a giant frump, or a pear. So, I stuck to skater dresses that scream "I HAVE A WAIST!" Skater dresses have always flattered my body type, they flatter most body types, plus the options are endless with skater cuts.
However, it has been quite some time since I last wore a skater dress/skirt. Now that cut just seems a little bit too young and makes me feel like a school girl.
Yes yes, i'm still in college (uni), but i'll be graduating soon, and I kind of want to look more professional.

After buying 2 shift dresses from Bangkok (see my haul here!) I was sold on the idea of shift dresses. Besides, there are just so many ways to style these shift dresses.
Be it as a dress, or top, casual or formal. The options are endless. Here are some of them!

I currently own 5 (maybe more?) shift dresses, and evidently, in this case, my voice at the back of my head isn't as loud as before.

I think as I grow older, the fashion items I enjoy change. In the last 2 years i've seen my style shift, probably because i'm hitting a stage where i'd be joining the work force full time soon, and I will soon no the able to check on the box for "STUDENT" as a profession.
Well, what are some of your surprising new fashion favs? Let me know in the comments! :)

CULOTTES & SHIFT DRESSES | Surprising Fashion Favs.

7 March 2016

When I was traveling in Europe, I use to walk into museums ALL THE TIME, especially if I was traveling alone. I don't know why but the thought of walking around a museum on my own,  just seems very romantic to me. It was to the point, I stopped going to museums with OTHER people.
To be honest, I could never spend hours upon hours reading about different things (to be honest, who could, there is NO WAY you could walk through the Natural History Museum in a whole day and read about everything, am I right?)
But Art Museums hold a special place in my heart. I'd spend hours in an art museum. History museums, not so much. But being surrounded by art is something different. It means I could just sit and stare and not read and STILL be inspired. Which is why I went into the V&A Museum 4 or 5 times I was in London.

National Gallery Singapore museum art
Art of National Gallery Singapore museum
art in the National Gallery Singapore museum

I never used to like museums all that much. Maybe it was because they weren't free, or that growing up in Singapore meant having to deal with school, extra curricular activities, and a whole lot of resume building crap, that I just never thought about musuems, or maybe I thought they were boring and never gave them a chance. Anyway, when one of my aunties suggested visiting the new National Gallery with the whole family, I immediately agreed!

art gallery National Gallery Singapore museum
National Gallery Singapore museum art piece
redefining art in the National Gallery Singapore museum
supreme court dome National Gallery Singapore museum
National Gallery Singapore museum architecture interior
Supreme court dome of National Gallery Singapore museum

The National Gallery Singapore was a wonderful mix of art, architecture, history, beautiful interiors, and gorgeous marble tiled floors.
What an interesting way to spend time with the family! Plus it was free for all Singaporeans. ALL THE BETTER (it doesn't cost that much for tourists too if I'm not wrong)!

& Here's a video diary of my day spent at the gallery!

Outfit Diary: Museum Musings | Explore Singapore

21 January 2016 Singapore

Rooftops are one of those things people don't normally get access to. At least not that I think they do.
Living abroad and traveling around Europe, and even different parts of Asia, I've come to the realisation that very few people around the world have the experience of living in high rise buildings.

In Singapore, housing estates of up to 20 stories high are pretty much the norm since they are mostly public housing. Even the private housing estates, like condominiums, sometimes go up to at least 10 stories high. Most of the time, the top levels of such high buildings are inaccessible for obvious safety reasons, which could explain why I've never really gone to a roof top car park - apart from when my parents park the car up on the highest level because every other lot is taken.

Recently, I saw a friend's Instagram image of her on an empty rooftop car park, and decided to hunt it down. Much to my disbelieve, there are apparently quite a number of accessible rooftop car parks, and one was just RIGHT OPPOSITE my house! Of course, the building isn't 20 stories high, but being able to run around and play in the carparks - since there were no cars around - and seeing the view of the heartlands, the tall houses, from a higher ground is something quite unusual.

I remember lamenting about how all our HDB flats pretty much look alike, but this is something unique to the country, and somehow, in a way seems kind of cool.
Little experiences like these make me fall in love with Singapore and remind to be thankful to have the experience of growing up in such a unique city.
I think being able to discover little things about one's hometown, about the places around where one lives, is something important and makes life just that little bit more interesting and colourful. Am I right? Plus discovering quiet places like this rooftop carpark is an absolute gem for when I want to escape from the world, considering how Singapore is constantly so crowded and bustling!

On another note, I've recently discovered that my style has been shifting, from more colourful printed, bohemian, girly clothing items, to things that are more toned down. Single solid colours, and stripes, oh how I LOVE stripes. Who wouldn't love stripes? I think everyone can do with a little bit of stripes in their wardrobe am I right?
I think I can never get enough of striped clothing items. They don't ever go out of style do they? I seriously hope not!

Watch below for a lookbook I made styling stripes or if you want to see more features of that empty rooftop carpark.

Outfit Diary: Playing on Rooftops | Explore Singapore

12 October 2015 Singapore

5 Things you must do in hanoi a  vietnam travel guide

After coming back from a long fun year abroad in Europe, I knew i'd be feeling some sort of traveling withdrawals. Especially since I had to jump straight back into an intensive week long summer school module the moment I came back.
Also, Jerald and I have been apart for half a year, and since he has graduated from University, he'd be starting his work life soon. So, at the beginning of august, we planned a short trip to Vietnam - a trip we wanted to take a year ago but never got the chance to.

Originally, we intended for it to be a weeklong trip, however, Jerald had to attend his convocation, on the 3rd of August, so we had to cut our trip short by a couple of days, and left out Sapa from our destination list.
Nevertheless, it was an incredible few days spent in Hanoi and Halong Bay. I would definitely want to go back and visit Vietnam again, there are so many other cities and smaller villages I'd love to visit (Sapa, Hoi An, etc.)

In Hanoi, we Jerald found this hotel room on a discount it was surprisingly HUGE. I was definitely not expecting it. I loved its hardwood floors, the sofa area, a large bed. Definitely a massive upgrade from the hostels I was staying in during all my Europe trips!
Hotels we stayed at:
Annam Legend Hotel - Average breakfast, but awesome room!
Hanoi Legacy Hotel - Hang Bac - Slightly cheaper but smaller room, decent breakfast!
We were lucky enough to get rooms that were on the higher levels of the building, which meant we could look out and see the city at night or in the day!

Hanoi was way more than what I expected, and here are 5 of (my favourite) things to do in Hanoi & I think one should not miss if they were to be there!

1 | Go for a Water Puppet Show
This is a traditional Vietnamese water puppet show where around 10 puppeteers were in the water, and manipulating the different puppets. There was spurting water, fire, jumping and somersaulting puppets. Dragons, people, & fish puppets. This is Hanoi's oldest Water Puppet show/stage. And when we went to buy tickets it was almost sold out! Thankfully they had several time slots for the shows.
The receptionist at our hotel highly recommended it, and said it was really funny.
Since I don't understand Vietnamese, I didn't quite get the story. But, to be able to watch these puppeteers perform their craft, was rather incredible. Plus! All the music and sound effect were LIVE. It was cool. These performers work really hard though. After the show I was at ended, they probably had a 10min break before the next show was schedule to begin!
Duration of Show: approx. 1 hr
Cost: 100k Dong (USD$4.45) and 20k Dong (USD$0.89) for a ticket to allow you to take photos 
Regardless of your comprehension of Vietnamnese, I think this Water Puppet show is definitely worth watching!

Famous water puppet show in hanoi
water puppet show with  live music in hanois
Puppets in the water puppet show of hanoi

2 | Walk Around Hanoi Lake
Hanoi lake is known as a couple's hotspot! Its quite a huge lake, so walking around the lake would take sometime. It it is a gorgeous lake where cars and motorbikes weren't allowed nearby - unlike the regular pavements by the roads! It was free from the insane traffic of Hanoi, which was something I thoroughly appreciated. The lake was super calm, serene, and just a great place to spend the afternoon.
As Jerald and I were walking around the lake, and snapping a multitude of photos, there were so many others sitting around in the pointy triangular vietnamese hats, tons of couples, and even some kid playing around.

Bring a  picnic basket if you'd like, or just have leisure stroll around and people watch. No matter what you do, there is not missing the romantic Hanoi Lake when you're in Hanoi!

Famous hanoi lake from above
Temple on hanoi lake and ootd image
lights and motorcylces across the hanoi lake

3 | Shop at the Dong Xuan Night Market/ Streets
One of my favourite things to do in Vietnam is SHOP. Before going for my trip, I heard from Jerald that a few of his friends found Vietnam to be a little uninspiring on the fashion front.
Initially, walking along the main streets of Vietnam I conquered with their opinions. Most of the stalls sold very similar items and they weren't anything special. That was until we found this one side street  - Hang Quat Street - with all the interesting boutique shops, and I was like "SCOREEE!"

street shopping in hanoi

Other than shopping along the streets, It is also interesting to take a look at the Night Market and the Dong Xuan Market.
Dong Xuan Market is this wholesale market with food, clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, PLENTY of items. Sadly, they really mean wholesale when they say wholesale market. I saw this pretty pair of shoes, but the shop owner refused to let me buy it, and said "minimum 100". What would I even do with 100 pairs of the same shoe right?
So I just left the shop.
It is interesting to see how these wholesale market shop owners don't bother to tout, interact with tourist or attempt some sales. They merely stared at us when we walked by and then proceed on to packing their things.
I guess it is more of observing what they do, and having the experience of being in a crammed space with TONS of apparels that stood out. Oh I definitely felt a little claustrophobic inside.

Image of Dong Xuan Market's chaos in haoi
image of dong xuan wholesale market in hanoi

4 | See the City From Above
When I was traveling around Europe, there were so many times when I climbed a up a bell tower, or went up to a higher ground just to get an aerial view of the city. Before going to Europe, I never really did such things on my travels within Asia - many asian cities don't have those kind of high rise buildings, or tall bell towers to begin with.
But as the capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi had several mid-height buildings and cafés with a stunning view of the city. The hustle and bustle of the streets below. The colourful signboards and buildings. The view from above and the vibe of the city you get when you're on the 5th of 6th storey of a building is so different from that on the ground.

Hanoi view from city cafe

5 | Enjoy A Cruise to Halong Bay
This is one of the most common excursion tourists take out of Hanoi. Almost every hotel offers booking services and information for a cruise to the stunning Halong Bay.
It usually lasts 2 days and you get to cruise around beautiful UNESCO Heritage site visiting several stops along the way (upcoming post dedicated to that - stay tuned!).

There you have it! 5 things to do in Hanoi as a rough guide for people who are thinking of visiting Vietnamese capital!
Since I have way too many pictures to share, i've decided to split them up so I can share more about what I did on different parts of my journey, and all my favourite moments. I hope you like this upcoming Vietnam Travel Guide series.

Watch my youtube video for highlights of what I did in Vietnam!

Hanoi Travel Guide (Part 1) - 5 THINGS TO DO

24 September 2015 Hanoi, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi, Vietnam

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