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If you've heard of Singapore, or if you've been to Singapore, you'd know that here, the weather is perpetually hot, there are high buildings - lots of them, there are a lot of cars, people, and also trees.

However, there isn't a space untouched by technology and undeveloped.

trees forest nature Coney island singapore

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Fashion travel blog singapore
nature plants at Coney island singapore

That was until they opened this little plot of land called Coney Island. It stays open and free for access during the day, but closes at night because of the lack of streetlights.
It was Untouched.
No lights, no cars, no buildings, no wifi (my 3G didn't work there), no toilets. Just endless trees and a beautiful beach.

punggol park

Coney island singapore sea

bicycle riding Coney island singapore

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Coney island singapore blog

It rained pretty heavily when I was there thankfully there were some shelters available or i'd have been SOAKED.
Although I was kind of on a date, I wanted to pay homage to nature. To taking time out to appreciating nature, and reminding myself how I could do that even in my daily life.

Even though it's nice, I don't specially have to get to that plot of land to appreciate the green trees, the winds, the sound of the ocean. Im lucky to be in a city surrounded by greenery, and its about time I learned to appreciate the beauty of nature.

A Date with Nature

8 February 2016 Coney Island, Singapore

Found a post in my drafts, realised it's pretty relevant even now, and decided to publish it.

As I'm writing this, I just experienced the best take off ever, and after all the amazing sights I've seen in Scandinavia, I'm sitting in seat 17F of a BA flight typing this as tears slowly well up in my eyes.

I'm so incredibly thankful for am everything I experienced on this trip (in fact ever since I got to intern in France). The whole experience was definitely beyond my wildest imagination. I think witnessing so much beauty of the world really does put things into perspective.

If you told  me this 2-3 years ago, that getting into really good international schools and not having the money to go to them, and being rejected by medical school were blessings in disguise, and being up in the programme i'm in would result in the experience of a lifetime, I would have thought you were insane.
But right now, I get it. 
I may not enjoy what I'm learning in school, I may not be on my desired career path, but I can believe that everything will eventually work out.

Being in this course gave me the opportunity to fulfil my greatest dream (since I was 15!) of living in Paris and London and traveling around Europe. Somehow, it resulted in my family being able to see England too (which I just realised was a highlight my brother's life), and I manage to travel to Europe with my mum (as wished in 2013).

This was definitely one of the most reflective, encouraging, eye opening and emotionally overwhelming trips. I found myself wanting to cry tears of joy more than half the time. 

I guess my point of this post is to say, everything happens for a reason, and it's ok if things aren't always perfect. I know, sometimes it really does feel as though life is playing a joke on you, or just kicking you in the butt over and over again. I get it. 
When I did well for A levels, but got so many rejections for what I wanted to do, when I think back and blame myself for choosing engineering when I could have easily gone into another more creative university course that I would enjoy, when I was so close to giving up, and thought about quitting for the last 3 years because I didn't like engineering, and (though my grades are decent) when I was miserable almost every waking academic moment, & I constantly thought my life was a joke. 

Now, when I look back on my university journey thus far, no doubt I will shudder at the thought of engineering - I'm shuddering now - I can see that it wasn't a joke. It happened for a reason. Reasons that elude me, but somehow what could have been the sole regret in my life, the single worst decision made, has turned out to be quite a blessing. 

I hope this serves as a reminder to myself and hopefully an encouragement to others feeling like I did for the last 2-3 years.
Sometimes life doesn't go the way we hope it would, but we just have to hang in there, give it our best shot (maybe with a few lot of tears, threats to quit, emotional turmoil!), and believe that things will eventually start to make sense. 

I'm not saying I know why I ended up in engineering, in fact, I know for sure, I do not want a career in engineering - it's wrong for me, and I have no passion for it, I'm no longer ashamed to admit that. Admitting that engineering is not for me isn't giving up or failing, it's owning the truth
In spite of it all, I have to believe that all these, happened for a reason. 
There can be no regret in my decision years ago. A lot of what ifs, but no regrets. I don't need to forgive myself, because I can see now that I did not single handedly ruin my own life.

In the mean time I have to continue to work hard and keep my grades up, even though it's not easy, and I don't like it, I got to do it. Because I owe it myself to make the best of the situation. And hopefully one day, just like today, the sky will be sky little clearer, the day a little brighter and everything will make a little more sense. 

If you're stuck in a place you hate, a job you don't like, something you can't quit and get out of, just hang in there, and see it through. I promise one day everything will be better, and the blessings will no longer be disguised. 

Things Willl Eventually Makes Sense | Behind the Scenes

1 February 2016

Kurosawa old town japan

Japan is one of the most modern and industrial places i'v been to, and yet, it has so much tradition, soul and culture. On one hand you get the city, it's beautiful night lights, and skyscrapers, and a 10 min drive away, you get to experience an old town. That was what Kurokawa Old Town was like for us.

Once we got out of the car, we saw traditional looking houses amidst trees, rocks and heard the rushing sound of water.

Japan kurokawa onsen house
autumn leaves and rocks in japan

The carpark was on an alleviated ground, and so we had to walk down a winding road, and then came face to face with the main river that flows in the centre of this lovely Onsen Old Town.
The river, it's mini waterfall, the traditional architecture of the bath houses and shops around the area, and the lack of tour groups made the place perfect for an afternoon stroll.

traditional houses and autumn landscape japan
kurokawa old town water fall
kurokawa old town waterfall and river onsen

beautiful autumn landscape and traditional houses in japan

If you're not up for entering any of those bath houses, an old town like this has plenty of lovely food options. We had awesome pork loins, tasty cream puffs that were freshly made - we saw them make it! - and several other snacks.

A map was given to us to aid us with the navigation, but since the old town isn't that big, we could roam and round freely. Besides it was pretty much just one big loop (well... thats what I told myself. Keep walking & you'll end up where you started.)

Kurosawa old onsen town

After walking around and doing some damage to my wallet, we found a lovely picturesque bridge with a side staircase leading down to the river. Of course, I had to climb down.
The different levels made for the best pictures, and who could resist that traditional hut with the gorgeous trees and river landscape. It was the perfect photo backdrop.

Autumn leaves, half barren trees, dusty greyish blue skies, running water down a river, we couldn't ask for more.

Kurosawa old onsen town

Kurosawa old onsen town RIVER
Dried corn in Kurosawa old onsen town

Japanese convenient store in Kurosawa old onsen town

I love walking into Japanese convenient stores. This one in the old town had a more cluttered lay out but, it was so organised. Is this what organised mess looks like? More like just organised HEAPS of food.

Since we had dinner prepared for us at our accommodation, and we were going into the bath house/onsen at the traditional house we were staying at, we refrained from getting too much food. Instead got ourselves some beer, and headed back for dinner.

orange and blue skies Kurosawa old onsen town
orange and blue skies Kurosawa old onsen town

The light was incredible by the time it hit 5pm. Since it was the winter months, the sun set pretty early, and so, as we were walking back to the car, we were able to witness a sky that was half orange and half blue due to the sun behind the clouds. The cooler months never seemed more appealing.

Japanese Onsen Old Town

26 January 2016 Kurokawa, Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture 869-2225, Japan

When I was traveling in Europe, I use to walk into museums ALL THE TIME, especially if I was traveling alone. I don't know why but the thought of walking around a museum on my own,  just seems very romantic to me. It was to the point, I stopped going to museums with OTHER people.
To be honest, I could never spend hours upon hours reading about different things (to be honest, who could, there is NO WAY you could walk through the Natural History Museum in a whole day and read about everything, am I right?)
But Art Museums hold a special place in my heart. I'd spend hours in an art museum. History museums, not so much. But being surrounded by art is something different. It means I could just sit and stare and not read and STILL be inspired. Which is why I went into the V&A Museum 4 or 5 times I was in London.

National Gallery Singapore museum art
Art of National Gallery Singapore museum
art in the National Gallery Singapore museum

I never used to like museums all that much. Maybe it was because they weren't free, or that growing up in Singapore meant having to deal with school, extra curricular activities, and a whole lot of resume building crap, that I just never thought about musuems, or maybe I thought they were boring and never gave them a chance. Anyway, when one of my aunties suggested visiting the new National Gallery with the whole family, I immediately agreed!

art gallery National Gallery Singapore museum
National Gallery Singapore museum art piece
redefining art in the National Gallery Singapore museum
supreme court dome National Gallery Singapore museum
National Gallery Singapore museum architecture interior
Supreme court dome of National Gallery Singapore museum

The National Gallery Singapore was a wonderful mix of art, architecture, history, beautiful interiors, and gorgeous marble tiled floors.
What an interesting way to spend time with the family! Plus it was free for all Singaporeans. ALL THE BETTER (it doesn't cost that much for tourists too if I'm not wrong)!

& Here's a video diary of my day spent at the gallery!

Outfit Diary: Museum Musings | Explore Singapore

21 January 2016 Singapore

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