(My Top 3) Sunsets in Greece!

13 August 2015 Greece

Sunsets in greece blog post featuring the top 3 sunset experiences for me

Santorini Sunsets. Y'know, casual.
Ok, EVERYONE knows about them famous sunsets in Oia, Santorini. Going to Greece, I expected Oia to be that one distinctly special spot where tourists always go to and gush about the amazing sunset view. Why else would everyone want to go over there and squeeze around with the rest of the crowd?
But the thing about Greece is, in both Santorini & Mykonos, basically everyday I was in Greece, I witness a glorious sunset no matter where I was. It could be from the window of my hotel room or in one of them famous sunset places.
Of all the beautiful daily sunsets, these were the sunset spots that stood out (for various reasons)!

Sitting with the famous santorini oia sunset view

#3 | Oia, Santorini

I think most of us have seen the insane shots of Oia with HOARDS of tourists clamming together watching the sunset.
It really is what it is. 
In order to get a decent view of the sunset you have to be there 2-3 hours before the sun starts to set and just, wait there, camera in hand.
My friends and I found a small pocket of space behind a really high wall (up to my nose!) beside a few plants and just stood there, huddled together, waiting for the sun to go down.
Although we managed to see the pretty colours in the sky, the view wasn't as spectacular as we envisioned it to be. PLUS the skies were cloudy that day, which made it worst.
Typically Santorini has very few clouds, so it was just our luck that the clouds came in that evening :(

Also, I'm mildly claustrophobic, so having to squeeze with everyone especially whilst getting out of the area after the sun went down was just not the best experience.
But if you want to get that classic-sunset-over-windy-streets-and-white-walls-grecian-landscape shot, you've got to deal with the tourist.

image of the sun in the sky, blue clouds, as it just starts to set
image of the famous summer sunset in oia santorini
image of the sun setting in oia santorini
image of the sunset in the sky in oia santorini
image of the moon in the sky of oia santorini

#2 | Santo Wines, Santorini

Tasting wine with a  view, and then watching the sun go down past the horizon with the strong breeze in your hair. Nothing gets better than that, right?
The awesome thing about watching the sunset at Santo Wines is the large glass windows where you can hide from the heat and the glare of the setting sun, but still enjoy the glorious view.
But that was not the option I chose. My friends and I preferred hanging out on the patio/deck area instead of sitting inside.
With Santo Wines, It was great to not have to stand on our tip toes just to get a decent view.

Watching the sun go down at Santo Wines is one amazing relaxed experience. With that glass of wine in your hand, you get this sort of high, like "hey, I'm living the life!"
The cost of tasting wine was pretty affordable - about 22 euros for 12 different wines if I remembered right.

12 wine and cheese platter in santo wines santorini
image of the sunset and having wine on the patio of santorini santo wines
Santorini santo wines
having wine and watching the sunset at santo wines
Summer sunset colours in santo wines
sunset in santo wines

#1 | Mykonos Town, Mykonos

Sorry Santorini, but the little venice area in Mykonos Town BAGS the best sunset award.
As much as Oia boasts having the best sunset views, the area around Little Venice and the Windmills of Mykonos town is all the more impressive. You have the full view of the sun moving down through the clouds and pass the horizons, a nice clear view (depending on the weather). There is no fighting for space and squeezing with hoards of tourists. You can even have a seat by the waters, have dinner in one of the restaurants nearby, pose with the sunset, and even take multiple shots with no tourists heads bobbing in and out.

Basically I could just enjoy the whole experience in peace, and in comfort! It was by far the best sunset i've ever witnessed. Probably, because we were lucky and the sky was rather clear that day.

a glorious mykonos town sunset
sunset at little venice in mykonos town, greece
image of the setting sun and waves at mykonos town greece
mykonos town, greece at sunset

Was this one too many sunset pictures? I hope not!
Looking at these pictures and crafting this post really makes me wish I was back basking in the sun in Greece instead of starting a next university semester.
 - cries internally-

Well, at least I get to relive and share my experiences on this platform with you!

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