Summer Rain in Vienna, Austria

9 July 2015 Vienna, Austria

Summer roses and Hofbraug in vienna

After enjoying superb sunny-near-melting-weather in Kraków, I took a long train ride early in the morning to Vienna. 
Sadly, shortly after my arrival and checking into my hostel, the weather in Vienna took a turn.

For the first hour or so, it was a nice cool temperature with the sun dipping in and out of the clouds. I was so pleased with the weather because the forecast didn't seem good when I last checked it.

Streets and architecture near the hofburg in Vienna, Austria
Hoburg in Vienna, Austria Architecture image

Whilst it was still slightly bright and windy, I managed to walk through a random yard sale (it was literally just people sitting around a large green space with wooden crates or stands of clothes a hippie style!), the Opera House and the Burggaten Park

Yard sale in the garden near the Opera House in Vienna, Austria
Garden and train station like architecture in Burggated Vienna, Austria

I loved the look and vibe of Viennese parks, also because they reminded me so much of parisian parks. Huge, green, colourful pretty flowers abundant, and all of these against great architecture. Any sight that is parisian-like always takes me back to my summer internship in Paris, oh good times.

Walking through the Burggaten Park was the first time I've seen people sun tanning IN A PARK. I found that pretty amusing because the sun wasn't out and they were lying under the trees! Gonna get some cool leave tan marks that way?
After about 10 minutes of being in the park, it started to pour. Which made me pity those who were sun-tanning in their bikinis.

Arc in Vienna, Austria and its architecture in the rain
Architecture of the exterior of opera house in Vienna, Austria
Image of the Parliament house in Vienna, Austria Exterior in the rain

I hid at one of the mini shop door openings for a couple of minutes until the rain died down and proceeded to hide in a bus stop when the rain got heavier again.

The annoying thing was it was intermittent heavy showers. I don't mind walking around in a drizzle - most of the pictures taken here were during the drizzly parts of the day - but when the showers get too heavy, I have to protect my dear camera. 

The statues and structures in front of the parliament house in Vienna, Austria in the rain

Town hall in Vienna, Austria
Main fair in the town hall in Vienna, Austria

After an hour of 5-10 min intervals of showers, the rain subsided into a drizzle, allowing me to continue making my way around the city, towards the Town Hall.

There was some sort of a party festival thing going on, but there weren't many people around because of the rain. Such a sad thing for the band that was playing at that time because the crowd was probably about 20 people large, and everyone else were just tourists passing by. 

The town hall, market and the theatre opposite it
The architecture and greenery of the town hall in Vienna, Austria
The town hall from heldenplatz and the fountain in Vienna, Austria

I thought my 2nd day in Vienna would be blessed with great weather, unfortunately, that was not the case.

Still, I manage to spend some time around the main areas of the city, I walked past the Hofburg and into another garden called Heldenplatz.

Architecture near the hofburg and main shopping area of Vienna, Austria
Horburg front facade in Vienna, Austria
The beautiful heldenplatz park in Vienna, Austria and it's flowers, greenery and architecture
Fountain and lush greenery in heldenplatz Vienna, Austria

I missed the time I had in Paris and chilling out in the parks during summer, so when I saw how similar the Viennese parks were, I totally wanted to sit around with a glass of juice and live the chill out life, sadly, I couldn't due to the rain. Instead I opted to, just take my glass of juice in a sheltered area like café nearby or in the park. 

Lavanders in the heldenplatz park in Vienna, Austria

I must say though, Vienna in the rain has its own special charm. A romantic vibe, you know the kind where you see people dressed in beautiful dresses walking through puddles down a dimly lit alley? Is it just me? It really reminds me of a scene or a set/backdrop in the musical Nine - the part where Nicole Kidman sang her solo.
Ok, I think its just me, anyway, I wished I experienced better weather conditions in Vienna so I could hang out more in the parks, but Vienna was still beautiful in the rain.

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