Outfit Diary: To the End of England - Land's End, Cornwall

20 July 2015 Land's End, Penzance, Cornwall TR19, UK

To the End of england, land's end, west cornwall, uk

When I first heard of "Land's End" I was curious. I literally thought it was the end of the planet; as if one would fall off the face of the earth if they took another step. It sounds like a really stupid assumption doesn't it?  1) That is not physically possible, and 2) considering my science education background, I should know better.

Anyway, the name of the place managed to spark an interest and I looked it up. I was aware that Cornwall is a beautiful place, and when I finally made plans to visit, Land's End was definitely on the list of places I had to see for myself.
I visited West Cornwall for a couple of days in the middle of June, and on my 2nd day there, I headed to the End of England.

Green fields while driving to land's end, west cornwall, uk
land's end, west cornwall, uk outfit of the day featuring pull and bear, h&m, and ASOS
Pathway, rocks and drive way towards land's end, west cornwall, uk
Unique signs written on rocks in land's end, west cornwall, uk
fashion post, outfit of the day, summer in land's end, west cornwall, uk
Scenery at land's end, west cornwall, uk beautiful destinations in england
celtic sea and atlantic ocean in land's end, west cornwall, uk
Destructive waves in england land's end, west cornwall, uk

The reason why this place is called Land's End is because, when you look out, you don't see anything. Not another island, not a city to your left or right, no coast, NOTHING. It really looks as if it is the end of land, and from there on, it's all water.
Well, that is somewhat true. It is all water until you hit AMERICA. The Last (or First) House in England - that is it's name by the way - is located at the tip of England that overlooks the Celtic Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean.
I thought it would just be one point, where tourist would look over and then see a wide ocean. I was joking with my travel partner, Clarice, that any part of the earth looking out into the sea or ocean could pass off for Land's End - quite true - but I think knowing that you're ACTUALLY at the end of England, made it a whole other experience.
Plus, there is like a whole information centre, food shop market like area near it, not just a plot of land, which is always an added advantage!

Fashion and travel post in land's end, west cornwall, uk
What I Wore
Top: H&M
Denim Jacket: Pull and Bear
Bag: Thrifted
Pants: ASOS
Shoes: Converse
The last house in england land's end, west cornwall, uk
land's end, west cornwall, uk
land's end, west cornwall, uk ocean and landscape

When I stood at the point of Land's End, and as I was walking around the area, it honestly felt like I was looking towards and infinite space, where there is nothing beyond it. I loved staring out into the ocean and watching the waves crashed beneath the rocks.
Although, it would have helped my imagination if I did not have known that America was beyond those blue skies and waters.

When I was studying Geography for my O levels (GCSE Equivalent), I remember reading about destructive waves and the formations they create, I love how visiting places like this allows me to see the pictures I use to admire in my geography text book come to life.

Outfit, fashion and travel post at land's end, west cornwall, uk

Stare out into the ocean? Checked.
Watch destructive waves crash on the shore? Checked.

Land's End most definitely did NOT disappoint!

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