Outfit Diary: Melting in Kraków's Summer

29 June 2015 Kraków, Poland

Outfit and things to do in Kraków, Poland on a sunny day

After making some rather silly mistakes in Warsaw, my next stop the historically rich Kraków. I had the luxury of spending more time in Kraków compared to Warsaw.
Kraków is a relatively small city, so it was incredibly easy to walk from one attraction to another, exploring the city on foot.
During my stay in Kraków, the weather was amazing. It was sunny every day, and at times the heat made me feel as though I was back in Singapore.
I’ve always thought summer in Europe was just: A sunny day with temperatures of 20 and cooling wind. That proved to be wrong in Kraków because the temperature went up to 32degrees on one of the days!

Shein outfit summer in Kraków, Poland
colourful buildings in the main square of  Kraków, Poland
fountain and architecture in Kraków, Poland's main square
ootd against Kraków, Poland lovely architecture

The great summer weather meant that the city was teeming with people, tourist and locals, out and about enjoying the benefits of natural vitamin E. My favourite place to hang around for a meal/beer in Kraków was around its Main Square.

When you get to the main square, you’ll see people chilling by the fountains with beers in their hands, horses riding by with tourists on carriages, teengaers running around, pigeons and children playing in water puddles, and everyone just seems to enjoying themselves.
Within the Main Square, there are several places to visit including the Krakow Chruch with its amazing façade, and the Cloth Hall. I initally thought the Cloth Hall was a place that sold cloth, but it wasn’t. Turns out it was a long hallway lined with shops selling lovely jewellery, leather good, and other tourist souvenirs.

horse riding carriages in Kraków, Poland main square
sunset over the clock tower in  Kraków, Poland
The clock tower in the main square of Kraków, Poland
Cloth Hall and tourist in  Kraków, Poland

The architecture in Krakow is also brilliant – yes I know, I always commend on the architecture of every city, I just like that its all different and unique! Walking around the side lanes from the Main Square, you pass by many cafes, more horses riding and an occasional girl playing the violin (I spotted 2!) It’s such a great atmosphere on a warm summer day.

Girl playing the violin and a male worker Kraków, Poland
horse drawn carriages in the side streets of Kraków, Poland
Sheinside summer outfit featuring stripes and colours
Shein outfit diary featuring stripes and blues
What I Wore
Top: Sheinside
Shorts: Sheinside
Shoes: Sheinside
Sunglasses: Accessorize
Necklace: Primark
Watch: Nakedglory.com
Church architecture in Kraków, Poland

When the heat gets too overwhelming, you can always pop into a café along the street. I did that several times just to get a drink or ice cream.
Every café I went into had its own unique design, lovely music, and great atmosphere. My favourite was this underground café with stone walls leading downwards to a warmly lit area with nice dark wooden tables and the most comfortable sofa; which I collapsed into and started sipping my orange juice.

Icecream along the side streets of the main square in Kraków, Poland
The underground cool interior of a cafe in Kraków, Poland

The great thing about Kraków is that it's extremely affordable. I got a scoop of blueberry icecream for less than 50p, and it wasn’t one of those artificial tasting sort. I was so pleased. The fact that it was way more affordable than London meant that every time I got a beer, or compote – that was my favourite drink - It did not feel as though I was over spending unnecessarily.

Sunset in the main square in Kraków, Poland

Warm summer days in Krakow are the best. Well, warm summer days any where in Europe, frankly, will be awesome! Oh, but first they have to have affordable drinks!

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