Norway in A Nutshell = Perfect Views (Part 2)

1 June 2015 Nærøyfjord, Aurland, Norway

Cruise ride with norway in a nutshell through fjords

If you have yet to read part 1 of my journey, head over before you read this :)
Continuing from before, when we got off the train at Flam, there was about an hour to spare before the boat was scheduled to depart. I spent that hour getting lunch (which proved to be difficult when you're travelling with ALL your belongings for 10 days - see This Post) and running around taking pictures of the surrounding.


After a not so satisfying lunch, I was more than excited to go on this cruise ride. It was the most anticipated part of the journey for me! Plus, it just happened to be a gorgeous sunny day, what a better day to go on a cruise! I stood near the harbour and spent half the time looking up as the area was surrounded by the tallest mountains, and the bluest waters.
Since it was not a typical touristy harbour, it meant that it was not as crowded too; apart from everyone that was on the tour.

Scenic routes and fjord cruises
scenic routes of norway in a nutshell - gudavgen norway
Houses and scenery from norway in the nutshell tour
Fjord cruise island stops

15 minutes before the departure of the cruise, I went to the entrance and started queuing. This turned out to be a good move as up on the deck of the cruise, there were chairs laid out and getting up before  others meant that I could choose where I wanted to sit to so called get the best view.
Eventually the deck was filled with people no one was sitting down anymore, everyone was standing and snapping away with their cameras. Being right by the rails meant that I could get the best view and I did not need to avoid the heads of people way taller than me.

As the boat pulled away from the port, I got to see a more macro view of the mountains and houses at the foot of it. To imagine I was there a tiny speck of dust amongst the colourful houses, compared to the huge mountains around.

The crowd of tourists, being tourists.
Fjord cruise of norway

The cruise ride was the most emotional I felt during the journey.
My thoughts hopped from "Omg I can't believe I'm actually seeing this right now", awe and wonderment, to "I wish I had someone here with me to share this with", mildly lonesome.

The cruise took us through one of Norway's most famous fjords, the Nærøyfjord, stopping at islands along the way. The islands had more or less the same feel to them - houses with colourful roofs clustered at the foot of the mountain or in the valley. We were also accompanied by seagulls during our ride, they circles around the cruise ship and flew beside us struggling against the wind.

I spent half the journey on the deck watching the seagulls fly and staring out into the vast waters and massive mountains, letting the sun rays (and extremely strong winds) hit my face.

Fjord cruises through the major fjords of norway
Fjord cruise norway in a nutshell views

Eventually, it got too cold, and I felt as though my fingers were about to freeze and fall off. I decided to head into the cabin, and grab myself some food. The cabin had tables and chairs where you get a decent view without having the wind in your face. So I stayed inside for a little bit since I managed to get a seat by the window, had a hotdog bun and some hot chocolate. Before heading on the deck again to admire the view before we docked at our arrival port.

Sailing through the fjords on a fjord cruise in norway
scenic view while on fjord cruises with norway in a nutshell


It was as if cruising through fjords was not sufficiently marvellous, the last part of the tour was a bus ride. The part I refer to as my road trip with 40 other passengers.
As you could have guessed, after blue waters and green mountains? You get another stretch of snow covered land!

The scenic route from voss on the railway
scenic routes from voss in norway

On this bus ride, I sat right at the front behind the driver, because I figured he'd have the best view. But the view although magnificent wasn't the highlight of the bus ride.

During the ride, I sat beside this lady who had difficulty with walking. Her husband carried her up the bus, and since the nearest seat was beside me, she sat there, and he had to seat somewhere behind because he felt bad that we, the people around, wanted to give up our seats. I started talking to her, and was so shocked that she took the entire Norway in the Nutshell tour. I found it incredibly tiring to move from one transport to the other, much less her.
But she was so cheerful and appreciative, she kept talking about how beautiful Norway was, and the way she talks about her husband and the way he cared for her, was one of the truest forms of love i've witnessed in real life.

I have a personal issue with disbelieve when it comes to love and marriage, but what I saw proved to me that genuine pure love can exist between humans. Even though we're far from perfect.

Scenic routes from voss to bergen in norway

There was a last part which was a train ride on The Bergan Railway again, but by that point, I was more than 10 hours into the day and seated by a dirty window. My camera had over 500 images, the battery was almost dead, I had maxed out more than one SD Card, and I desperately needed to pee. Everyone slept on that train ride, but instead of doing the same, I just stared out and soak in as much of the view as I could, and thought to myself how incredible the entire day has been.

Norway in a nutshell to bergen from oslo

Lugging a suitcase around 4 different forms of transport to get from Oslo to Bergen (when it could have been a straight train ride on The Bergan Railway) turned out to be way more tiring than I had expected, but for that experience, it was worth it.
Never could I have imagined seeing so much beauty of the world in one day. I was reminded of how wonderful God is, I had such a nice time marvelling at the wonders of nature, and just taking a step back to ponder about my life whilst seeing enjoying one of the best views i've ever had my entire life. It was beyond, and I'm so glad I did it.
Summary: Norway in a Nutshell Tour
+ Recommended if you don't have a car and have insufficient time to spend in Norway, yet you want to get see and experience the most of its natural beauty
+ Tickets come in a nice neat book, there were guides at each stop, and transition from one mode of transport to another was effortless
+ One of the best days of my life
- You could probably get deals if you booked each ticket on your own, so if you have the time and are up for it, you could definitely adopt the itinerary and book your own tickets for each leg of the tour
If you read both part 1 and part 2 till the end, thank you so so so much.
This journey meant a lot to me, and I just wanted to be able to share it. If you didn't read the text, I hope you enjoyed the pictures and that Norway is now on your list of countries to visit!

I would go back to Norway in a heartbeat. In fact, anywhere in Scandinavia. If I could visit it the region again, I would without a doubt.

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