Big Ben and My Family

21 December 2014 Big Ben, Westminster, London SW1A 0AA, UK

Big Ben LondonIf you follow me on instagram/saw my tweet, you’ll know that my family came down to visit London (and me!) for a couple of days, as my sister had her interviews.

Their flight touched down on a monday night, and the next morning, I took them for a short walk around Westminster - where we stopped to take pictures at the famous Big Ben.
Naturally, coming from Singapore and being so used to the warm equatorial climate, they were shivering from the cold strong winds in London.

Nonetheless, they were up for that walk around Westminster (with the occasional complains of "It's so cold!"), and enjoyed taking photos with the iconic clock tower.

Big Ben London Big Ben London

Mr Big Ben is really pretty with his gold trimmings on the top. Its surprising that after 2 months in London, this is the first time i've seen the Big Ben close up. Its probably the hugest clock ever, and the chimes are so loud, you could hear it before you see it. (Or maybe because most people in London  tower over me, my vision is usually blocked!)

My brother said, "This is literally the biggest grandfather's clock."
That made me wanna sing: My grandfather's clock was to large for the shelf, so it stood 90 years on the floor~ *queues music*

My family used to have a grandfathers clock in my house when I was younger - Well it wasn't as big as most grandfather's clock, so we called it a grandmother's clock. We had a lot of fun pulling the chains and winding it everyday so that it would chime each hour. When ever the clock stopped chiming, one of us would definitely shout "The clock isn't working!", or something along those lines.

Isn't it interesting how going to places with your family can remind you of your childhood days?

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