dong dae mun plaza exterior walls
dong dae mun plaza seoul south korea

One of the more popular places to visit and shop in Seoul is Dong dae mun. However, apart from the lovely shopping malls, one other MAJOR reason to visit Dong dae mun is the Dongdaemun Design Plaza otherwise known as DDP, in South Korea.

The DDP has some of the most unique architecture among all the buildings in Seoul. The way the metal grid walls of the plaza curve to form that organic structure, perfectly counter balances all the boxy office and commercial buildings in its vicinity.

dong dae mun plaza seoul south korea architecture
dong dae mun plaza seoul south korea outfit in korea what to wear to korea

The DDP isn't only famous for being a museum, but it's architecture has successfully attracted bloggers and a multitude of tourist heading just to photograph by the building. I saw a male model/blogger just casually posing where the wall curves in, so as to capture that indentation as his backdrop.

After he left, I attempted to get a cool shot in the area. But queue the multitude of tourist walking past, and then my expected failure at a glam-metal-grid-futuristic-background-fashion-blogger-shot.

outfit shot at the dong dae mun plaza seoul south korea singapore fashion blogger
seoul south korea buildings and architecture dong dae mun plaza seoul south korea
dong dae mun plaza seoul south korea architecture and skyline travel blogger singapore
outfit shot dong dae mun plaza seoul south korea singapore travel and fashion blog
inside dong dae mun plaza DDP seoul south korea. Singapore travel fashion blog.

Not only is the external structure of the DDP futuristic, the interior was just as impressive. It had pristine white walls and a huge angular central staircase connecting all the exhibition levels. The staircase bends and cuts in an irregular pattern and appears somewhat like and rotating hexagon from the top. Even this made for the perfect photo opportunity.
Needless to say, I went a little crazy, snapping away at every turn of the staircase.

In all honesty, I don't actually remember myself seeing any exhibitions. I probably passed by 1 or 2 free ones, but did not pay extra to see any others.

As someone who really appreciates the structure and architecture of buildings as well as their interior layout, visiting exhibitions were least of my concerns.

DDP Dong dae mun plaza seoul south korea roof top skyline view. Singapore Fashion and travel blog
DDP Dong dae mun plaza seoul south korea singapore fashion and travel blog

After climbing up the beautiful staircase and passing through corridors of curving white walls, you'd find yourself at the rooftop of the DDP.
One would think you'd be done being impressed, but the roof top view from the DDP is seriously one of the best.

I would also like to point out that the roof of this building is curved and leads you down to from the highest floor to the ground floor of the plaza. Is that not cool?!

architecture and roof top view DDP Dong dae mun plaza seoul south korea
DDP Dong dae mun plaza seoul south korea singapore travel and fashion blog
skyline and rooftop view DDP Dong dae mun plaza seoul south korea singapore travel and fashion blog

Living in Singapore, these types of buildings shouldn't wow me as much. After all, the Art, Design and Media building in my school has slight similarities in terms of architecture to the DDP, but somehow, I WAS IMPRESSED.
Maybe it was the curvature of the surface, the way the light will undulate when it hits the building, or maybe it was the contrast between the DDP and its surroundings.
Regardless, i'd recommend anyone who is visiting Seoul to head over to the DDP and check it out.

Even if you're not an architecture junkie. Just head up to the roof top for a sick view!

DDP Dong dae mun plaza seoul south korea singapore travel and fashion blog

Metal Grids at the DDP - South Korea

20 September 2016 281 Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Cheonggyecheon stream night view seoul night view

One of the popular couple hang out spots in Seoul is the Cheonggyecheon. A stream or river that flows through a huge part of Seoul.
To be honest, regardless of the size of the river, it would probably be really popular among couples. I mean, who wouldn't want to go on a date by a river, watch the street lights flicker, the water fountains dance and just let the night pass by, right?

seoul Cheonggye river night time
seoul Cheonggyecheon stream river night view korea travel

What's romantic atmosphere of the Cheonggye stream is further enhanced with lights behind the main fountain, reflecting through the ripples of the water, and a rainbow light display under the main bridge. As you can tell from the photos, despite it being dark outside, there were still people chilling by the river.

There were families with their kids, friends with some bottles of beer, it was such a lovely chilled out environment.

night view of the river in seoul korea
night lights, view and food in seoul korea

Strolling along the river makes for a great night time activity in Seoul (if you're, like me, not that into the whole clubbing scene).

With such a pretty view at night, you'd think thats when people would flock to the river. Turns out, it's just as photogenic in the day!

seoul day time architecture and river view Cheonggyecheon stream
artwork along seoul Cheonggyecheon stream

Lined with tons of greenery (it was summer time!), the beautiful tall buildings as it's background, and a long park along the both banks.
This river is the perfect place for family picnics or an afternoon stroll. I'd bet people walk along the river during lunch or work breaks as well.

In addition to the view, walking along the river bank in the day gives you the opportunity to admire the artistic depiction of one of the historical journeys taken by one of the kings in the Joseon monarch. The series of illustration chronologically highlights the journey taken by the king to visit his father's grave.

Cheonggyecheon stream day time view
Cheonggyecheon stream
Cheonggyecheon stream seoul korea travel

If you're going to be in Seoul,  I would highly recommend visiting the Cheonggyecheon both in the night and day to get the full experience this lovely stream has to offer!

Plus, it's free and super accessible, after stuffing yourself with Korean food, a leisure stroll is the least you could do :)

For more of seoul, watch my travel videos here!

The Prettiest River in Seoul

17 September 2016 Cheonggyecheon, Jongno 5(o).6(yuk)ga-dong, Seoul

northern palace in seoul

The Gyeongbokgung Palace is probably the MOST famous palace in Seoul. It is located in the northern part of Seoul against the beautiful mountains, flanked by a crazy road junction and a ton of talk modern buildings.
This is one massive reason why I love Seoul. You have the city, the modern architecture and the old traditional palaces and buildings all in one place, yet the landscape looks right. Everything looks so seamlessly well blended together.

gyeongbokgung palace in seoul against a beautiful scenery, mountains and modern architecture
gyeongbokgung palace in seoul the cultural sights and modern city perfectly complement each other
ootd and details of the gyeongbokgung palace in seoul

What I Wore
Top - Taobao || Skirt - Forever 21 | Shoes - Nike | Sunglasses - Accessorize

I'm all for visiting castles and palaces are pretty much common whenever I travel. From the Palace of Versailles, to the fairytale like Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany or most recently, the Kumamoto Castle in Japan. I'd never pass on the chance to pretend Im living 150 years ago in  a palace or a castle.

We visited the Gyeongbokgung on Culture Day - the last Wednesday of each month, and the entrance to the palace was FREE. All the more a reason to visit.

visiting the Gyeongbokgung place in seoul
Gyeongbokgung palace in seoul what to do in seoul free attractions in seoul

The palace reminded me so much of the palace in a Korean drama called Jewel in the Palace (Da Chang Jin / Dae Jang Geum). It was a drama that I watched when I was younger and it had a female protagonist (guess I was a fan of those since I was a kid) who was an orphan, worked as a kitchen cook in the palace, and went on to become the king's first female physician.

I vaguely recall the scenes of the palace grounds, the mini courtyards, the palace maids and cooks running around doing chores and hanging out. I guess that was where my desire to be a palace maid (I wouldn't survive being a kitchen cook, so palace maid it was) came about.

Gyeongbokgung palace in seoul free entrance free attractions seoul
Gyeongbokgung palace in seoul
Gyeong bok gung palace in seoul

I'd say after having visited so many grand palaces, you can tell from seeing the Gyeongbokgung that it doesn't compare. I'm guessing people living in the Joseon dynasty and the reigning family who used to live in the palace weren't as wealthy. You don't see as many gold, the palace doesn't have all the crazy paintings. Thats one big difference between castles and palaces in Asia compared to those in Europe.

Gyeongbokgung palace in seoul summer free entrance free things to do in seoul, nature and beautiful palace landscape
nature and beauty of Gyeongbokgung palace in seoul
Gyeongbokgung palace in seoul courtyard

Still, the Gyeongbokgung Palace was a wonderful depiction of Korean history and culture especially with its architecture. I absolutely love how there was so much free space and so many courtyards. Plus, that beautiful pond in the middle of the palace with the view of the mountains behind it was just perfect!

Palace Girl

2 September 2016 Gyeongbokgung, Sajik-dong, Seoul

O'sulloc green tea farm

There are 2 things in life I want to try before I die. Bungee Jumping and Plantation / Vegetable Farming.

I grew up in a city. A Metropolitan City. There aren't even proper farms where I live.

Growing up, I've always wondered what it was like to be a farmer. My only experience with farming was hydroponic farming at the age of 11. Oh when I brought home that little bunch of Kang Kong (Water Spinach) I was ecstatic. I remember my grandma bursting into laughter when she saw my vegetables - I told her I farmed enough vegetables with my class for the whole family (in her defence she did question me several times as to how my school had that kind of space).

This is why whenever I get to visit a farm, any kind of plantation area, i'm always more than excited.

O'sulloc green tea jeju korea
O'sulloc green tea jeju korea farm

Visiting the O'Sulloc Green Tea Museum wasn't initially on the itinerary of things to do on the tour I was on during my time in Jeju. But, midway through the day, we were about to have lunch when the bus pulled up by the famous O'Sulloc Green Tea Museum, You have no idea how happy I was to be able to spend that short amount of time there.

The place had rows and rows of green tea plantation, and when you rub your fingers on the leaves, a faint green tea smell lingers.

O'sulloc green tea
O'sulloc green tea korea
O'sulloc green tea plantation jeju korea
O'sulloc green tea korea

If you know me you know that I FREAKING LOVE TEA. With all my heart and soul. I don't discriminate when it comes to tea. But green tea. Oh, how I adore the smell of green tea.

I love green tea cakes, I love green tea itself - hot AND cold, Green tea latte, I love green tea ice cream. Green Tea Everything. Getting to see the green tea farm and then getting to taste the products in the form of the food served at O'Sulloc Green Tea House makes for such a special experience.

I wish I had extra time to actually explore the museum, to perhaps see the manufacturing process or how green tea is dried and processed. Unfortunately, we had to rush off for lunch.

O'sulloc green tea korea
O'sulloc green tea korea

Truth be told, the green tea at O'Sulloc Café is not the best. 2 thumbs up for the green tea rolls and green tea itself, but the latte and bingsoo were pretty average. If you would compare it to say Japanese matcha, i'd choose the Japanese green tea over this.

But somehow, getting to see the green tea plantation, touching the green tea leaves and remembering the smell it left on my finger, made me appreciate the food even more, and made me less critical.
After all it's Korea, not Japan, to each its own flavour!

All Things Green Tea

25 August 2016 Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea

I did a 5-fun-facts about Korea post, but never really specified anything  about Jeju Island. As I have mentioned in my previous Jeju posts, Jeju, although is  an island, is MASSIVE! It is 4x the size of Seoul! But, what I failed to mention previously is that this island was created solely by multiple volcanic eruptions. As such, the entire island is actually made out of hardened lava rocks and magma from the eruptions. With a history like that, it is no wonder why Jeju is filled with the most impressive scenery,  beautiful rocks, amazing waterfalls, and so many tourists!

Read: 5-fun-facts: Seoul & Jeju

During our time in Jeju, we got the chance to visit a couple of beautiful waterfalls and a cliff made out of lava rocks. Despite the crazy heat and the really crowded attractions (wished there were less people around so I could take better photos though), we enjoyed it.
Not to mention, i'm all for visiting nature sights during my travels, getting to see these waterfalls and cliffs were awesome!

Jusangjeolli cliff in jeju, korea

This cliff boasts probably the BEST view of hexagonal lava rocks and columns in Jeju. Jeju is an   island created from multiple volcano explosions, when the lava from these explosions come into   contact with water, they immediately crystalise, forming these marvelous hexagonal pillars. The beauty about Jeju is you not only get to see lava rocks all around it’s coastline, you also get to   see lovely waterfalls, and the gorgeous view of the ocean. These slippery natural rocks can be found   all around the base of the waterfalls in Jeju. This waterfall visit was part of the    Yeha West Course Tour, and it is    the only waterfall in Korea that   falls into the ocean.   Compared to other waterfalls i’ve    visited, isn’t as impressive. But, as   a lover of all things water, I loved it just the same.
jeonbang waterfall in jeju waterfall and lava rocks

You probably can't see it from these pictures, but the Jeonbang waterfalls, being the only waterfall that falls straight into the ocean, was CROWDED. SO popular among tourists. The base of the waterfall was made out of huge rocks - no sand, no even ground, just ROCKS. It was kind of difficult to navigate, but well, you gotta go for it.
There were kids climbing all over these huge rocks, with no fear some even swimming and playing near the ocean. I'd totally be down for an ocean swim if we weren't on the Yeha tour, and if there wasn't as many people.

jeonbang waterfalls image and pictures of jeju korea

The 2nd day of our Yeha Tour, we visited the Cheonjeyeon waterfall, located in a park with 3 other waterfalls. The cheonjeyeon one is the biggest, and probably the most popular. Similar to when we were visiting the Jeonbang waterfalls, we were on the Yeha Tour and that meant not being able to stay for a really long time.
But I didn't really mind it because there was jut way too many people around.

This was the 2nd waterfall we visited  during our Jeju Trip. Unlike the first, this park, home to 3 different waterfalls  has a long river flowing through it and  tons of green trees all around the falls. Just like the Jeonbang falls, there were many lava rocks around the base, but sadly. you cant get close to the falls.

Because, there were larger rocks around, a river stream flowing down, everyone was climbing around the rocks trying to get to different points to get a good view of or a picture with the waterfall.
Stupidly I wore my favourite Nike sneakers, and did not want to ruin them with the water, so... I stayed on the safe side while jerald went climbing those rocks.

Nevertheless, I CAUGHT A R A I N B O W. That's all that matters. :)

Cheonjeyeon waterfall in jeju korea
Cheonjeyeon waterfall jeonbang waterfall, junsangjeolli cliff

Waterfalls and Lava Rocks in Jeju Korea

21 August 2016 Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea

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