Snow landscape in tahoe

I'm not someone who deals very well in the snow. I don't deal well with the heat either to be quite honest.
But, I DO enjoy the cold. By cold, I mean anything from 0 to 15 degrees. I'm great. I probably don't need more than 2 layers. But when snow starts falling, well that's it.

Subzero temperatures are fine with me when nothing falls from the sky. Snow on the ground, sure its all good. Snow falling from the sky, my body goes - NOPE! I'm perfectly alright until it starts snowing or pouring rain. When that happens, I somehow ceases to function.

Unfortunately it was raining batshitcrazy the entire time I was in Tahoe, so I guess i didn't get the typical Tahoe experience; where people go skiing or snowboarding, since there was no way I could have done it in the massive rains with me being sick and all the flooding/ road closures :(
Still, it was an experience and a different sight from the rest of California in the winter.

lake tahoe images and winter snowkids playing in the snow in lake tahoeLake tahoe scenery and birds winter landscapeLake tahoe scenery and birds winter landscape
boats on lake tahoe in the winter

images and landscape of winter in tahoe
Tall trees and woods in lake tahoe winter
snow fails in lake tahoe

I guess there's always a next time for snow activities. Although to be quite honest, I don't actually feel like i miss out because im so much more of a sunshine girl. Ignorance is indeed a bliss here heh!

Losing to the snow in Tahoe

27 February 2017 Lake Tahoe, United States

Yosemite mirror lake in the winter

It has been said, Yosemite is one of the most beautiful places in California. Having visited the national park this past winter, I can say, I absolutely agree.
Even though so many of the roads were closed, and it wasn't advisable to hike (judging from my previous mountain climbing experience, I don't think I would survive a hike in the winter), it was still amazing to get to witness the iconic El Capitan in real life, the snow covered Yosemite Valley, and the best of all, actually seeing a perfect reflection of the picturesque surroundings at the Mirror Lake.
I must say, I had my doubts after seeing images online, but the lake is honestly just like a mirror. It looks exactly the same in real life!

When I saw the wintery landscape of Yosemite I was pretty sure such natural beauty inspired many of the water colour paintings one would see in museums. I finally understood how some artists can come up with such incredible art pieces. They don't imagine. Instead, they just have to reflect reality.

Not to mention, the colours of the sunset in the winter is so unlike typical summery sunsets i'm used to seeing in Singapore! It was one of the best sights whilst driving along the winding routes.

Waterfall and clouds in yosemite national park in the winter
 yosemite national park in the winter
wallpaper yosemite national park in the winter
a water color painting inspired image yosemite national park in the winter
trees and landscape of  yosemite national park in the winter
el capitan image for mac book wall paper  yosemite national park in the winter
el capitan wallpaper image  yosemite national park in the winter
 yosemite national park in the winter mirror lake wall paper image
mirror lake image  yosemite national park in the winter landscape snow
snow and the golden hour photography in  yosemite national park in the winter
photography of yosemite national park in the winter
winter sunset colours of yosemite national park in the winter
califronia winter sunsets in  yosemite national park in the winter
sunset in yosemite national park in the winter colours

I'd hope to one day have a visit to Yosemite in the summer. Im pretty sure it would be another experience in itself!

Yosemite's Wintery Landscape

21 February 2017 Yosemite National Park, California, USA

sunsets and palm trees in los angeles california

The typical pictures and videos I see of Los Angeles they are usually of it in the summer. The sweltering heat, every one dressed in cute sundresses, cropped tops and dainty short shorts. However, when I visited LA early January, it was most definitely not during its prime. Instead of sundresses, I instead barely saw any skin. Tights, leggings, jeans, umbrellas, sweaters, some even wore puffer jackets (so not necessary though!)

los angeles california buildings with cool art
iconic palm trees in los angeles california

Despite facing a little rain and fog, LA was not any less enjoyable.
In fact, I thought it was a good thing to visit LA during the winter months because of the LOW crowds. Also, LA winters are pretty mild.
The sun remains out, yet temperatures are sufficiently cool. Definitely MUCH cooler than the over 30°C temperature of Singapore, which made winter in LA something I thoroughly enjoyed.

During the day the sun shines just as brightly, but you still feel comfortable walking around because you're not perspiring profusely. At night, the occasional chilly breeze sometimes makes you forget you're actually in sunny LA.

no strings attached movie scene lamca los angeles california urban lights
made in LA wall, los angeles county museum of ar public art urban lights display
where to find grafitti and street art in los angeles california
hollywood images in los angeles california
blogger wall pink wall paul smith los angeles california
street art and love wall in los angeles california
santa monica beach sunset at night festival los angeles california
los angeles california panoramic view of the city image
venice beach and santa monica pier at night los angeles california

I must say, I wished I got to see the nice sunsets with the swaying palm tree leaves. That, after 3 failed sunsets due to the intense fog, was my only disappointment.
But hey, this means I have to plan a trip back to LA again during the summer season!

LA in the Winter

5 February 2017 Los Angeles, CA, USA

wonderfood museum

Some of the fun non-food-consumption things I got to do during my family trip to Penang was visiting several cool museums. The museum that left the most impression on me among the various ones visited was the Wonderfood Museum.
Being born and raised in Singapore, my love for south east asian food (all kinds of hawker food) is undeniable. This is probably the reason why I was excited to see some of my favourite food enlarged to more than double my size!

wonderfood museum penang malay and indian food
chendol food wonderfood museum penang

The museum was not just a place for cool photo opportunities. It also touched on modern day issues that surround food. How we treat food in the modern day, how everything is preserved, filled with colouring, and how we deal with so much food wastage today. Considering I did a project related to food and sustainability in one of my school modules, I could fully appreciate.

wonderfood museum penang
Although colour is important when it comes to food, today, with all the artificial colouring and preservatives, this set is a commentary on the type of food we consume.

Penang museums wonder food museum
This black and white set was to share with us how someone who is colour blind would see their food.

penang malaysia wonderfood museum, hawker stall set

The museum also had some throwback scenes of makeshift stores - which was how people used to sell food along the streets in South East Asia. There was also a display of some traditional food dishes people used to consume, and what ingredients went into them. Sadly, those food items are hardly sold anywhere today - according to a museum guide.

wonder food museum in penang malaysia, mona lisa made out of food image

The Wonderfood Musuem isn't a large museum, but nevertheless provided such an intriguing experience. It definitely induces self-reflection and makes visitors reconsider modern day food practices.

Penang isn't known for its museums, in fact, our driver - who lived in Penang for all his life and is used to driving tourists around - said he did not know the Wonderfood Museum. He thought the trick-eye museum was THE Museum. It was pretty obvious that he too enjoyed this museum as he took back a brochure so that he could share this destination with other visitors to Penang.

The message behind the various sets in the Wonderfood Museum, along with the many MANY cool huge food structures definitely made it worth visiting.

Wonderfood Museum Penang
49, Lebuh Pantai, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

For more on my trip to Penang, check out the video below!

Food Larger Than Life

31 January 2017 49, Lebuh Pantai, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Where to eat and what to visit in penang malaysia

Singaporeans flock to Penang all the time, usually for a weekend trip, for the great and super affordable food. I'm pretty sure visiting Penang for the first time at the age of 23, I was considered late on the bandwagon - especially since Malaysia is just next door to Singapore.

When I told my friends I was going to be spending 4 nights in Penang, they were shocked because it seemed like way too much time to be in a small city. They told me "oh you're going to be so bored after the 2nd day." But I was traveling with my family, so we took it slow, but visited way more attractions than expected.

kimberly hotel georgetown penang malaysia

I was surprised at the number of cool museums and attractions, especially since from what i gathered from other Singaporeans, Penang was only famous for it's food.
It was definitely more than just food paradise in Penang.

Here is a consolidated guide of my favourite places to eat and visit in Penang!


Kimberly Hotel

My family and I stayed at a mid-range hotel called Kimberly Hotel. It was located in the center of georgetown, surrounded by a ton of food streets. The room was kind of small, but I loved the interior decoration of the hotel lobby and its café - that made having breakfast and our complimentary drinks so much more enjoyable!

museums to visit attractions to visit in georgetown penang malaysia



Walking is by far the easiest when it comes to navigating within Georgetown - the capital of Penang city. As we stayed at a central location, we could get to most places within georgetown by foot. The streets of georgetown are pretty safe to walk around even at night, plus we got to see a ton of awesome street art and street stalls as we were exploring!

street art, graffiti in georgetown penang malaysia
street stalls street markets in penang malaysia
graffiti street art in penang malaysia georgetown

Rent A Car/Taxi

Places further away from Georgetown can be quite a hassle to get to. Especially if you're only in Penang for a day or 2. Taking a cab is actually rather affordable - way more affordable than in Singapore, and gets you right to the destination!

graffiti and art in georgetown penang malaysia

Renting a car was an option we considered, but my dad was not keen on having to be the main navigator, plus we couldn't get a good deal on cars - to fit 6 people, so we decided to go for the last option which was to hire a driver.

cat street art graffiti in georgetown penang malaysia

Hire a driver

This was not a part of the plan, but we met a driver who had a car that could fit 8 people, and his charge by hour was really reasonable. For a full day it was under $100! And we got to all the places further outskirts really easily.
Hiring a driver would be perfect for larger families like mine, traveling in a group of around 4-6!

penang malaysia street art and painted walls
baskers and street photography penang malaysia


best food places in penang malaysia
where to eat in penang malaysia best food in penang malaysia georgetown

Street Food

Penang is food heaven. This needs no introduction! The streets with some of the best food items include Lorong Mcalister and Jalan Mcalister.

Other notable food options are:
Kimberly Street Duck Kway Chap - located just around the corner from the hotel I stayed in Sister Curry Mee - Cooked and prepared by two 80 year old sisters
A must try food also include Penang's famous Cendol!

sister curry mee street food penang malaysia
best curry noodles in penang malaysia where to eat in penang malaysia

Amazing sister curry mee and a very very friendly old lady and her sister preparing the noodles just along the street side. Humble no-frills type of food, but SO GOOD.

Hawker Centres

Apart from food carts along the street, hawker centers are the best places to try all the different types of food in 1 place. Hawker centers are common in singapore, so that was not much of a novelty for me. However, there is no denying hawker centres are the way to go for a quick food fix!

penang malaysia travel guide, where to eat, where to shop, what to see

One benefit of having a driver - even if it was just for a day or 2 was that we got to head to his favourite hawker centre slightly outside of Georgetown, and we also got to visit so many interesting attractions - some recommended by him!


Pinang Peranakan House

penang malaysia peranakan house attractions

This peranakan house was my sister's favourite attraction. There were so many rooms, all extremely well decorated. The details of the furniture and railings were amazing! It looked like a set for a local TV series, Little Nonya.

best places to visit penang malaysia
peranakan house and attractions in penang malaysia

There was also a guided tour where locals would tell us about the history behind this particular house and a little bit about how Peranakan ancestors settled down and had a life in penang!

inside a peranakan house in penang malaysia

Kek Lok Si Temple

A huge temple that boasts a MASSIVE Guan Yin statue and some of the best view of Penang. Most people head up the Penang hill for the great view, but when we got to Penang hill, the lines were CRAZY! So were the lines to the top of kek lok si temple. Fortunately, we were with a very experienced driver who lived in Penang his whole life (50 over years) he knew how to drive up to kek lok si temple, and we made it up 8 stories of a pagoda to an amazing view!

kek lok si temple details in
kek lok si temple in penang malaysia
panorama view aerial view of penang malaysia kek lok si temple


There are a ton of museums in Penang. Most people choose to go the trick-eye museum. Although it seemed like a good photo location, it wasn't something my family was keen on. Instead we visited other smaller more niche museums like the Wonderfood Museum (MY FAVOURITE), Gold Museum and Ghost Museum.

interactive food museum in penang malaysia best attractions for families
food museum best attraction for families in penang malaysia

To see more about our museum visits check out the video below!

Chew Jetty

chew jetty landscape view image penang malaysia

When migrants came to settle in Penang many years ago, they came through the harbours of penang and the jetties, as such a lot of them form communities around these Jetties. There was the Chew Jetty, Tan Jetty, etc. These jetties were then named after the last names of the families that congregated, build houses and lived in those areas.

image of chew jetty penang malaysia

I loved my time in Penang, despite most Singaporeans recommending only visit for 2 to 3 days, i'd say spend a longer time there, and visit the smaller museums. Besides there is SO MUCH food, you probably can't try everything in 1 weekend!

Penang Malaysia Travel Guide

23 January 2017 Penang, Malaysia

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